Golden Opportunities …

Golden Opportunitites

So what opportunities await you that you would rather not have as possibilities?

… the telephone call that you need to make, but dread?

… a time and energy commitment that would probably result in growth, but take a while?

… a direction not yet explored, but which tugs at the edges of your heart and mind?

… a decision that closes some doors, but opens others?

When you begin to think about potential positive outcomes, and not negative possibilities, you are better equipped to actually move forward to take advantage of what possibilities exist.  You only need do the following three things:


Most of our procrastination, indecision, and just plain stalling stems from some internal tape which keeps us in a state of anxiety about possible negative outcomes.  These tapes are often based more on our fearful thinking than any objective or reality-based factors.

Identify what is real and should be considered in the steps below, and let the rest go.  After all, worrying about a thing all by itself has literally NO effect on the possibility of that thing happening most of the time.


Yeah, I know this is three rather large things with an action command at the end, but the reality is that we do all three as a single thing most of the time, without having distinct boundaries as we move from one phase to another.  

Anyway, these should be ongoing activities …


Launching is a separate action from the three mentioned above, although they are all obviously linked.  Once you reduce or remove your internal brakes, and then identify and prepare to take advantage of the opportunities that you see, the most important single step is to act.

This also is a repeating phase …

A footnote:

This is easy to write out, using general terms, and without getting into the messy details that go with our human efforts to engage in change. This is not something most people can do by themselves.  If we could change signficantly, but easily and without help, we would all be doing it.

Find a mentor, a trusted colleague, or a trained coach to help you develop goals, structure, and accountability.


Planning my own next moves in the Heartland ….



Dangerous Business …

Dangerous Business - Tolkien









… and what adventures are  you off on today?

Sometimes the world hands us our adventure, but most of the time, it is your choice on whether to venture out your door into the world, you know.

Trying to remember this and behave accordingly in the Heartland …






















































Books and CHildren

Why Not “Disrupt Yourself”? …

DisruptYourself-3D_FINAL-809x1024 (1)I honestly did not expect to enjoy Disrupt Yourself

At a cursory glance, Whitney Johnson’s business background and a distinct emphasis in some early reviews on innovation, financial analysis, and so on turned me off.  I tend to go for more of a leadership and personal development focus and this seemed way too “businessy“, if that word exists.

However, I heard the author speak during a webinar and my attention was fully engaged from the first minute.   Whitney Johnson is a successful businessperson, but beyond that she is someone who wants sincerely to help others.   As I began to read the book, learning started to occur and that learning has not yet stopped.   That is possibly the highest praise I can give a book.

We are first introduced to a graphic called the S-Curve Model, which originated with Everett M. Rogers.  This simple and graceful upward curving line provides both understanding and comfort for those of us who sometimes struggle with the pace of learning and change.  Anyone who takes the time to learn this model will benefit both personally and professionally … if nothing else, we will have an easier time as we travel through transition.

The bulk of the book dives deeply into the heart of her ideas: “… seven variables which can speed up or slow down the movement of individuals or organizations along the curve.”   Each chapter, a gem in itself, follows the upward sweep of the S Curve.

This books includes elegant illustrations and practical learning, two things not always  found together.  My personal favorite section was on distinctive strengths“.  I have some affinity for any discussion around “strengths” versus “weaknesses”, because I believe that when we focus on identifying, building, and using our strengths, we receive maximum return on our investment of time and energy.

Distinctive” is a key word here.   We may have strengths which are things we do well which do not set us apart from others who also do those things well.   We may also talk ourselves into considering something a strength, when it is really something we enjoy doing, regardless of skill level.

Distinctive strengths are self-determined, but Johnson provides six dynamite questions to help you name what makes you an effective competitor.  She then advises on how to match your distinctive strength with an unmet need, which seems obvious, even though we often do not do this.  Finally, she plants this particular point firmly and clearly on the S-Curve, to help us understand the developmental nature of the model.

Johnson could have written an entire book or at least an extended professional article focused just on the one variable I mentioned above and the rest of the chapters are equally rich.

Disrupt Yourself is simply one very useful little book and I can easily recommend it to anyone who wants to change, needs to change, or works with those who want or need to change. 

If you are a leader, want to lead, or develop leaders, you better buy this book, memorize it, and sleep with it under your pillow … and yes, I am being absolutely serious.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of Disrupt Yourself for review, but am happily investing in several more copies to share with coaching clients who need to grow and change effectively


About the Author:  unnamed

Whitney Johnson is an investor, speaker, author, and leading thinker on driving innovation through personal disruption.  Johnson is the co-founder of Rose Park Advisors, along with Clayton Christensen where they led the seed round for Korea’sCoupang, currently valued at $5+ billion.  Having served as president from 2007-2012, Johnson was involved in fund formation, capital raising, and the development of the fund’s strategy.  During her tenure, the CAGR of the Fund was 11.98% v. 1.22% for the S&P 500.

Read more about her business activities HERE

Johnson has received widespread recognition for her work and ideas. She is a 2015 Best in Talent Finalist for Management Thinkers50, one of Fortune’s 55 Most Influential Women On Twitter in 2014, and a fellow at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. She co-founded the popular Forty Women Over Forty to Watch. Johnson and her work have been covered in The Atlantic,BBC, CNN, Fast Company, the Guardian, Harvard Business Review,Wall Street Journal, and more.

Happenings …

Mental Illness Week AgendaWhat You Can Do …

Click on the poster or HERE to become #StigmaFree and engage in the following:


Go to NAMI and promise publicly to do what you can to erase the stigma of mental illness in our society.  Doing so creates intention, responsibility and accountability.


Check out mental illness information at these sites:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Mental Disorders and Conditions (DSM) via PsychCentral

U.S. Department of Health Services (DHS)

BONUS:  Mental Health and The YoungHuffington Post article which outlines the need and how our country is addressing mental illness among our children and young people.


Volunteer with your local mental health organizations, hospital treatment programs, or with a community organization.

Speak out (now that you know facts instead of assumptions) when you hear others misrepresent mental illness and those who suffer from it.

Act politically to support and pass legislation which provides real support for funding and fair treatment within the law for those who suffer from mental illness.

That’s enough to do today:) … I’ll have more tomorrow …

Trying to remember to take my own advice in the Heartland ….


NOTE FYI:  In addition to being a Board Certified Coach (BCC), I am also maintain standing as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Master Addiction Counselor (MAC).  In the past, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri.  I have worked in both volunteer and paid positions in Texas and Missouri providing education, advocacy, assessment, and treatment.  

Yes, I have some skin in this game …