In the workplace, the rules of the game …

promo_04In the workplace, the rules of the game aren’t so simple.

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Dare You to Serve Others …

share_17… and if you need any pointers on how to serve others, ask an expert, like Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchens Inc, who lays the whole thing out for us in her new book, Dare to Serve:  How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others.

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#DaretoServe by @CABachelder

“Most leaders claim to value human dignity” …


“Most leaders claim to value human dignity; far too many discard it quickly when under pressure at work.”

Cheryl Bachelder, the CEO of Popeyes‾® Louisiana KItchens Inc., knows the value of working with other people within the context of humility and dignity for everyone, regardless of position.  Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Value by Serving Others, her new book expands on this theme in every single section.

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#DaretoServe by @CABachelder