“Smile, Darn Ya, Smile …”

Charlee Very Odd Hat“All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.”

Chris Hart


We are often asked to approach issues from an analytical point of view.

We are encouraged to create measurable outcomes and to carefully weigh each cost involved in a project.

The possibilities and the pitfalls are duly “SWATED”, categorized, and delegated.

We have it all under control, using finite and distinct strategies with analysis at every milestone and review at every turn.

In the meanwhile, people keep smiling … and if you can figure out how to make someone genuinely beam, it’s worth all the analytical power in the world.

Just a thought for you to consider as you move toward the weekend in the Heartland ….


Me, I’d like to think I’d take the long way home

John Smith:

This lovely little ode to adventure and seeking the new and different makes me want to walk out the door and just keep going …

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The Long Way Home from Co.MISSION on Vimeo.

If life were measured in steps, I fear that many would hoard them for as long as possible, going nowhere, tasting nothing. Simply being alive, but never living.”

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On Being Awake

John Smith:

A call to arise and be aware …

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By: Jenni Taylor

I want to be awake. Those neurons are firing in my brain, and I want to know the intricacy of each. I run and feel my heart pound and never want to forget how each beat is a gift. I breathe in that qi, that breath of life, that beautiful oxygen filling my belly and my back all the way down to my toes and I know my body is more amazing than I will ever be able to understand.

I want to feel amazed. I want to tell my students to draw pink trees or purple trees or green trees if they like but only if they want it to be green and not because they have to. I want to stop for that moment at night when I’m alone on the pavement looking at the sparkling city lights and feel that I am part of…

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Facebook Profiles Can Predict Work Performance

Everyone who has a social media presence should read this small example of just how complex the whole social networking thing can be when you link it to the workplace:

Facebook Profiles Can Predict Work Performance.

8 Simple Steps to Resolve Any Conflict Like a Zen Master

Good article here:  

8 Simple Steps to Resolve Any Conflict Like a Zen Master.

Execupundit.com: Reverse Hypocrisy

Michael Wade makes a fascinating point about something I had not previously considered:  Execupundit.com: Reverse Hypocrisy.

What We Want or Need?

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We know what we want
but only God knows what
we need.
Pray to give thanks
not to ask.
No ulterior motives.

Both armies pray
to win the war.
Take yourself
out of your prayers.
Seek only to learn to love,
to be in the presence
of God.

Our selfishness
is a trap.
Pray only for the
good of all
ending all prayer with
“Thy will be done.”

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