Strange Bedfellows …


Mismatched - GratisographyI guess I don’t watch enough television … or maybe I just don’t watch the advertisements …


Recently I saw a television spot for Geico Insurance, but at the end of the spot, a blatant plug for Helzberg’s Diamonds was added in.  Apparently these two products have enjoyed a business relationship for several years, of which I was not aware.

The commercial was well-done, using high production values and with an affirmation of loving commitments, a bit of humor, beautiful beachfront scenery, a heart-warming wedding scene … and a talking Gecko … and a sidekick crab.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and still find a smile every time I have seen it since that first sweet moment.

However … 

The combination of products struck me as somewhat incongruent.  It was like seeing an attractive young woman with unexpected facial hair. 

I could see matching diamonds and wedding caterers or car insurance and an automobile dealership, because those products are closely related.   But diamonds and car insurance?  Seems a stretch to me, but I am relatively naive regarding the ways of the world.  

What is your reaction to seeing incongruent or very tenuously connected products matched up in ads?

How do you feel about seeing two products touted in the same commercial, even if they are closely and logically related?

How do you like television commercials in the first place?

Wondering why this little triviality caught my attention  today in the Heartland ….



Fly in the Face of Reason, Authority, and Common Sense



What are the influential books from your childhood? Those books that paved the way to a lifelong love of reading and for me, eventually to fall in love with writing itself. What a treat for me to find a hidden article written by one of my favorite authors. A piece of writing that reminds me of my early days as a reader and provides insight for my professional life today.

The article is titled, “How Do People Get New Ideas?” The author is Isaac Asimov, one of the giants of science fiction writing. I remember reading The Foundation Series for extra credit in high school physics needing to read only the first volume and not stopping until I read the full set of books. His series of I, Robot books also sparked my imagination so many years ago.

In 1959 Isaac Asimov briefly joined a think tank in Boston, working…

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