The Double-Edged Sword …

I get tons of offers to help me find good blog topics.

Apparently a market exists to help those who do not know what to write about.

How I envy the person who stares at the blank screen and cannot find anything with which to fill that blankness.

I do not have that problem.  Between my two blogs, I have around 800 draft messages.  If you remove the drafts where something temporarily caught my attention, but no longer interests me, the number probably sinks to 500 or so.  Still enough to last me for most of the next two years at one blog a day.  Double my output and I still have almost a year’s worth.

… and I add to the draft list every day.

So why the double-edged sword statement? Continue reading

Facebook Factoids …

In twenty minutes on Facebook:

1,000, 000 links are shared …

2,716, 000 messages and 1,484,000 event invitations are sent …

2,716, 000 photos are uploaded …

1,972.000 friend requests are accepted …

1,323,000 photos are tagged …

We provide 1,851, 000 status updates, 1,587, 000 wall posts, and a whopping 10,208,000 comments …

Of course, to those of us who spend time on Facebook, these numbers may not be so shocking.

SOURCE:  “Are We Obsessed With Facebook” info-graphic.  

Any idea how many real conversations take place every day?  Define “real” as “adding value to our work or to our life.”

Do you know who connects to who in what ways … without asking?  Relationships may be less visible or obvious online, in spite of the current trend toward labeled groupings.

Sure, a great amount of the Facebook traffic can only be described as “junk” or “idle chit-chat” … but how is that different from what occurs in our non-virtual lives?  Ever listen to co-workers at lunch:)?

Well, lots of questions and very few answers yet  … Excellent:)

Wondering about stuff in the Heartland ….


Epictetus Says ….

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and

Epictetus lived at the beginning of the Christian Era (CE) and is responsible for many wise sayings that are still bandied about nowadays.

If you follow my Twitter stream (see right sidebar), you already know that he is my featured quote-maker this week.

He’s worth getting to know:)

Feeling a little foolish and even a tad stupid, but loving those old, old Greeks in the Heartland ….


I Believe …

Are Twitter and Facebook the new public witnesses for our
faith and beliefs?

Twitter abounds with people proclaiming their beliefs, practices, and perceptions. No matter what your stance or position, you will find others “out there” who both agree completely and who vehemently disagree with you.

Twitter lets you link to your core beliefs and worldviews, providing those
who click the opportunity to see into your heart and mind … and do a “thumbs
up” or “thumbs down” on your deepest values.

Twitter is the virtual town hall meeting where every person has a
voice and a vote. Continue reading

I Feel Good . . . Maybe

Just because you are following your bliss,
it doesn’t mean anybody’s going to pay you for it.

                – Joe Calloway (via @execupundit AKA Michael Wade)

Morning Buzz Spoiler (MBS)

That’s what I call the reminders that browsing blog posts and responding to interesting online discussions is NOT what I do for a living or even what is probably at the top of my To Do list for the day. Continue reading