To Decide or Not to Decide …

Questions to ponder …


For me and those who have traveled at my side on this long and curious journey, only a few essential questions remain unanswered, a few decisions not yet made …

Beatles or Stones?    Which type of bad boy am I most like?

Beach Boys or Simon and Garfunkel?   Sun and sand or city lite?

Neil Young or Tom Petty?   Rasping or rocking?

Carly Simon or Stevie Nicks?   Those eyes or these eyes?

Led Zeppelin or Moody Blues?  Driving or dreamy?

You know … the existentialist questions about our personal place in the cosmos.

Enjoying some old tunes while I ponder my Sunday afternoon away in the Heartland ….



Erin Go Bragh , Ya’ll …

Celtic Cross

Why I like St. Patrick’s Day … 

NOT because of all the green food and drink … frankly, that stuff gives me the creeps.

It’s the music …

Fiddles, guitars, flutes, drums, and some others I cannot name … just the type of music to get your toe tapping and your body moving or simply and gently lift you away to a beautiful and lush place.

I can hear the influence of this infectious music in the songs I heard growing up in the country and in music today.

South Kildare Ireland Wikipedia

An erudite and comprehensive description of Irish traditional music can be found at Wikipedia, of course.

Just look at the musical variety in this very short list of Irish folks I particularly enjoy:  Mary Black, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, The Chieftains, The Clancy Brothers, Clannad, The CranberriesEnya, James Galway, Bob Geldof and The Boomtown RatsThe Hothouse FlowersSinéad O’Connor, Bill Whelan (Riverdance ), among many others. 

Without endorsing over-indulgence in spirits, especially at the start of the work week, here’s a collection of Irish drinking songs to get ya going …

Wishing I were really Irish today in the Heartland ….


Some Words and a Little Music …

I believe that the words “evocative” and “poignant” were created to describe events like this …

It’s all here in a very pretty, but slightly disturbing song  …

The Park … we gather in spots of nature, even in the middle of huge metropolitan areas and feel freer, more relaxed.

The People … Out to hear some tunes, smoke a little, and relax.  Nothing says “summer” like an evening concert in Central Park.

The Friendly Banter … We are a people who mostly do not take themselves overly seriously.  This a good thing and has nothing to do with our steel when it matters.

The Somewhat Rebellious Mood … A few jokes, a little law-bending, and we are all right back in our youth.

The Music … “Nuf said … guitars and voices.  What more do you really need?

… Very American and very Sixties, especially the undercurrent in the lyrics about searching for something that always seems just down the road or over in the next town.  We are a somewhat restless group, even as we settle into towns and traffic jams, go to offices and work for The Man, and consume as much as we create.

When the last note sounds and the lights flicker off, nothing left to say but “God Bless America” …

Feeling way too nostalgic for this early in the year in the Heartland ….


Thanks, as is so often the case, to Steve Layman, who labors daily at Anderson Layman, for this inspiration.

A Little Taste of What Is Coming … Playing For Change

Playing For Change Day is coming on Saturday, September 21, 2013 …

… but I see no reason why you cannot enjoy a sample of the wonderful and truly “world” music that this group cranks out on a continuous basis.

If the idea of spreading music throughout the world to children everywhere and the opportunity to contribute to positive social change interests you, check out this group by clicking the link above.

I’ll return to this theme big time in a few weeks Smile

Grooving to the sound of music in the Heartland ….