February Leadership Development Carnival …

Leadership - Julius Caesar via WikipediaToday, I share another excellent compiliation of leadership thinking from a trusted source.

Leadership Development Carnival is a monthly collection of very talented folks who work in leadership development by coaching, speaking, researching, writing, and leading. 

Each month brings a different host on a different blog.  Paul LaRue, this month’s host, is thoughtful, decisive, approachable, and an all-around cool guy:).

Click the link for more high-quality leadership thinking and practice strategies than you could use in a lifetime … ENJOY:):


Feeling blessed in the area of leadership development this week in the Heartland ….


February 2015 Leadership Development Carnival …

The latest of the greatest from the Lead Change Group

Some of the best leadership development minds on the planet share their thoughts around some leadership challenges.  Click the link below for more wisdom and engaging thinking than you can absorb in one day:

February 2015 Leadership Development Carnival http://shar.es/1o5guZ via @LeadChangeGroup

January 2015 Leadership Development Carnival via Lead Change Group

Snowfall and RoadNice start to a new year …

Lead Change Group | January 2015 Leadership Development Carnival

… If you like this type of thing … you know, thoughtful observations stated clearly by people who have something of worth to say.

For many of us, the next day or two is going to be cold, windy, and a wonderful opportunity to stay inside, sip hot chocolate or hazelnut coffee, and catch up on some of the best leadership thinking around.

This collection of intelligent and useful leadership development thinking, is conveniently gathered into one easily-accessible location.  Do yourself a favor and look through these offerings.   I bet you will find much of valueby clicking the link and giving yourself the luxury of a few minutes of learning.

Lead Change Group | January 2015 Leadership Development Carnival

Enjoying some very good reading in the Heartland ….