Give Till It Heals …

Giving Tuesday 2015 - morguefile

Since Giving Tuesday is seen as rather complicated by some, I thought I would offer a short Cheat Sheet.  If you follow these directions in the order given, you should be able to navigate this day just fine.  If you have any questions, please give me a holler and I will happily coach you through:

Giving Process - 2015

Please feel free to let me know if I left anything out or if you want to plug your favorite “Good Guys” organization.

Feeling rather benevolent and charitable toward all in the Heartland ….


Seasonal Greetings …

Turkey by Kakisky -… and this is the season of Thanksgiving in America.

Tomorrow in the United States, we gather together to give thanks for freedoms enjoyed, to share fellowship with family and friends, enjoy food and drink, relax in safety and relative comfort, enjoying whatever version of the American Dream we each are working on.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as we say …

Interesting that while we do so, many of us are also engaging in intense discussions about whether to allow others the opportunity to enjoy those same things:   the chance to live in freedom, to be fed, clothed, and sheltered, to be happy, to enjoy life, and all that stuff.

The word “Thanksgiving” is a compound word, with two distinct but very connected parts:  “Thanks” and “Giving“.


…Gratitude or a sense of positive regard for what we have, rather than the manic pursuit of what we do not have, which will begin on either Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening, or Friday morning for many. Continue reading

Giving Tuesday 2014 …

Holiday Note







A day to give, and not take . . .

A day to spend without shopping . . .

A day where sharing outweighs getting . . .  

What a concept:)

Giving Tuesday exists to promote giving to organizations that matter in people’s lives.   This is a distinctly personal thing, so here are three of my favorites – feel free to click on each title to learn more and to give:


Using social media and technology to connect people when it really matters, during times of illness and end of life.  CaringBridge helps families create websites to help people share their concern and love for each other without regard to geographical separation.  Double your donation today.


Political and social action in support of LGBT issues and concerns in Missouri.  A visible sign of support for equality and fair treatment for all Missourians in housing, employment, and everyday life.

Public Religion Research Institute(PRRI)

A privately funded research group which focuses on “onprofit, nonpartisan research and education organizations providing valuable information about religion, values, and American public life”.

Many other worthy organizations exist,  in my life and no doubt also in yours. Give to the organization of your choice today and be rewarded with that glow which comes from doing a good thing.

Finally feeling the holiday mood hit in the Heartland ….