What Does A Leader Really Need to Know . . . ?

Those who can, do

Those who can’t, teach

Those who can’t teach, teach teachers.

~ first heard on the campus of Northeast Missouri State University

 (Now Truman State University) circa 1970.

Sigh  . . .  I was an eager young teacher candidate when I first met this attitude that doing is everything and facilitating other’s learning is maybe a second best activity.  Did not agree then and I do not agree now. Continue reading

"Hey, How ya Doing?" . . .

Recently had an interesting and very positive encounter at the coffee shop at my local Border’s store.

Enjoyed chatting with the counter person as she fixed my bagel and drink.  Nice, easy customer service.   I felt like a special person during our brief commercial interaction.

While watching others being served by the same person, I noticed two things:

1) Everyone got the same basic service that I received ~ she is consistent and friendly.  Everyone received their order promptly, correctly, and with that eye toward meeting customer needs that good service demands.

2) Not everyone got the same amount of friendliness and “personal touch” that I experienced.  We joked while I waited and, at least on my end, I felt a very human connection to this person who I don’t really know and may never see again.

This human connection is what makes me want to come back and have another coffee here sometime.

So what is the difference? I think it might have been me. Continue reading