Quote Of The Week: Coffee Solves Everything | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Coffee in the Morning“Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”

Jerry Seinfeld




I enjoys me morning cups of coffee more than I dare admit …

Coffee has been my waking companion since my college days and is indelibly linked with countless relaxing, engaging, challenging, and exciting moments in my life.

Coffee goes with a thoughtful conversation on a lazy afternoon, a deep and maybe challenging discussion late at night, stressful times when deadlines and creative blockages loom, or when recounting and reflecting on events past, present, and future.

… and it even has some health advantages:).

At the link, an enjoyable little post about Jerry Seinfeld’s focus on coffee, along with a plethora of other interesting articles about various aspects of this delightful beverage.

Click here to read more:  Quote Of The Week: Coffee Solves Everything | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

Sipping with great pleasure in the Heartland ….


Weekend Coffee Question …

Coffee-and-paper.jpgJust wondering as I slowly and reverently drink my beverage of choice …

Of course, I’ll be analyzing the results later from the perspectives of culture, economics, and psychology:)

Sipping and wondering who else is doing the same in the Heartland ….


“Espresso Faith” via Searching Sophia’s Pockets

Girl_thumb.jpgFrom the folks at Searching Sophia’s Pockets, who have the best pocket lint in the universe.

Here’s a nicely phrased little essay about coffee, Bibles and something else …  

So pour a steaming cup of coffee, settle back, and enjoy Espresso Faith.  

Enjoying my coffee and some reflection in the Heartland …



Definitive Words About Coffee …

A simple equation



 ” Coffee … may benefit our health and wellness as much as it pleases our palates.”

For proof, read Coffee … For Your Health?

I’d join you, but I need to pour myself another cup of Folger’s Toasted Hazelnut first.

Delighted to find more support for my vice in the Heartland ….


Creative Thursday: A Prayer To Coffee …

Coffee and paper

O, Rich and steamy creator of energy and desire,

Pour forth your goodness upon me, your humble servant,

Allow your rich aroma to penetrate and enrich my experience,

and deepen my understanding of your gifts to me.

May your deep flavor permeate my essence, so I may know life.

Erupt in my mouth with a thousand tiny tingles.

Sit quietly at my hand as I work, and guide my thoughts so they are pleasing and coherent.

Help my words and my thoughts take form,

Your presence comforts me and restores my vigor,

Be with me always and give me strength …

Let me remember that I offer nothing except through your work,

May the Blessed Mrs. Olsen smile upon my endeavors …

and may God eternally bless this most wondrous of his gifts to us.

… oh, and God Grant me one more cup.


OK, slightly irreverent, but the God of my understanding … understands.  Every post can’t be about something weighty and useful.

Sipping and ripping in the Heartland ….