Dangerous Desks …

Dangerous Desks - Presenter Media

… and who am I to argue with a best-selling author, whose works continue to sell and be made into films and television series?

For some people, a desk is something other people have to sit behind, but for many of us, it is an essential piece of furniture, whether we toil in a cubicle, open office, or in our den at home.  The basic elements apply, even if you just spread out in a booth at a BreadCo or Starbucks.

I do wonder if some additional information is necessary, though.  Here are some quick diagnostic questions to ponder as you go about your daily work.  If you do not have a desk, take a few minutes to create a visual image of a desk that you might use, then answer the questions:


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“Purpose Junkies” …

Age and Life - Leider - Morguefile.com.png

Thoughts around my continuing exploration of the dual themes of our life purpose and positive aging …

I was struck by this quotation from The Power of Purpose: Find Meaning, Live Longer, Better by Richard Leider.  Okay, honestly speaking, I am struck by something on almost every page of this excellent little book.

I suppose one can say that some of us are Purpose Junkies, people who are on a continual quest for our meaning in life and trying to discern what we should do.  

Some say that this is navel-gazing taken to the extreme, while others dismiss our attempts to discover self by pointing out that we need to “get out into the real world, where things are dirty and brutal.  Just get a job and do it until you have enough money to not have to do it any more … Quit your whining” or similar.


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TMI Syndrome Treatment Plan (Partial)…

Magazine Shelf - Morguefile.comHi, my name is John … I am an information junkie … 

At one time, magazine subscriptions were my main source of information.  I used to wait with anticipation for my monthly edition of LifeLookNational Geographic, and Readers Digest.   Later on, my tastes changed to such titles as Mad MagazineCar & DriverHeavy MetalRunner’s World, and Omni.  Of course, as an adult professional, I read many academic and trade journals and magazines, along with general interest and news magazines like Time AND Newsweek,    I even subscribed to Mother Jones for a while.

Between magazine subscriptions and textbooks, I had all the information I needed.  It strikes me that I could write an autobiography of my life, using only the magazine subscriptions I have received to show the changing threads and activities.

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“But This Is Better” …

Gas PumpI stopped to get gas on my way to the doctor’s office this week …

The other day, I made an appointment for a routine medical procedure over the telephone.   On my way to the appointment, I stopped to get gas.

About fifteen minutes after making the appointment, an email arrived with a link to a website which confirmed the reason, time, and location of my appointment, along with detailed preparation guidelines and driving instructions. 

As I drove to the appointment, I stopped to get gas and allowed the gas pump to guide me through what to do when, gave me options from which to choose at various points, and accepted my plastic money, with a cheery but electronic “thanks”.

“Here, Let Me Google That …” 

... apparently the final argument-ending phrase of our times, although the tendency of some folks to ignore what is known to continue to believe what they want to believe does weaken it.  However, that is a topic for another time. 

When we want to know something, we look it up online.  We are now at a point where we are irritated or disappointed when we cannot find an answer to our question online, no matter how esoteric or exotic may be that question.

We live in a world increasingly focused around human to computer interactions, rather than human to human.  We now expect to receive electronic help.  When I go online to visit some website and a question arises or I want to know something, I check out the drop-down menus, click on helpful icons, and seek the Help symbol when all else fails.

BACK THEN:  “Directory Information.  How may I help you?” …

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Adjusting …

No Measure - Kristnamurti

The message here seems painfully clear …

We work hard, most of us anyway, to “fit in” … to our school, our family, our work, our community, and our society.  Sometimes this seems simple … we know of no other way to be.  

However, as we gain experience in life and build our awareness of other ways to be, options to consider, and just how diverse work and life are, we start to wonder if we are doing what we could be, what we should be, and what we need to be … or are we just following along in footsteps left by others? Continue reading