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Mental Illness Week AgendaWhat You Can Do …

Click on the poster or HERE to become #StigmaFree and engage in the following:


Go to NAMI and promise publicly to do what you can to erase the stigma of mental illness in our society.  Doing so creates intention, responsibility and accountability.


Check out mental illness information at these sites:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Mental Disorders and Conditions (DSM) via PsychCentral

U.S. Department of Health Services (DHS)

BONUS:  Mental Health and The YoungHuffington Post article which outlines the need and how our country is addressing mental illness among our children and young people.


Volunteer with your local mental health organizations, hospital treatment programs, or with a community organization.

Speak out (now that you know facts instead of assumptions) when you hear others misrepresent mental illness and those who suffer from it.

Act politically to support and pass legislation which provides real support for funding and fair treatment within the law for those who suffer from mental illness.

That’s enough to do today:) … I’ll have more tomorrow …

Trying to remember to take my own advice in the Heartland ….


NOTE FYI:  In addition to being a Board Certified Coach (BCC), I am also maintain standing as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Master Addiction Counselor (MAC).  In the past, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri.  I have worked in both volunteer and paid positions in Texas and Missouri providing education, advocacy, assessment, and treatment.  

Yes, I have some skin in this game …

Moral Dissent …

MF-FB-New-1Today is “March Forth on March Fourth

A day of action for social justice sponsored by the United Church of Christ (UCC) and supported by many …

If we do not dissent when we see injustice, we have consented to that injustice … powerful message delivered in powerful fashion.

Video compliments of Upworthy:  Things That Matter.  Pass ‘em On.

Thinking about how I can continue to work for those things in which I believe in the Heartland ….


I’ll Volunteer For That …

“We rent people’s hands and their backs, yet they can only volunteer their hearts, their minds, and their imaginations.”

via Ray Attiyah

Volunteer HandsChick was the first supervisor (other than my father) who I ever worked for beyond a day’s work.  

Prior to that first summer job working in a plant in Keokuk, Iowa, I had only worked on the family farm and on other farms in the area. 

All I had learned so far was the basics:  

Do what the person paying tells you to do.

Keep doing it until they say to stop.

Do not complain, no matter what you are asked to do.

Do it as well as you can and meet their expectations.

Chick was a city guy, probably mid-thirties, although the factory grind made him appear much older.   He was a minor functionary, the lowest level of supervision in the organizational structure, but he had probably worked very hard to get to that level.  He was not a particularly educated or literate person and he was probably jealous of my callow, but college-bound self, doing my little summer stint before moving on to larger stages.

He was also the first manager, although far from the last, to share this thinking with me:

“I pay you to work hard and do what I say.  You should be happy to have a job and you should be grateful to the company for giving it to you.”

Frankly, the thought of being happy to have a job had never entered my mind, at least in that particular perspective.  I was happy to be getting money regularly, but the job was just a mandatory annoyance on the way to the paycheck.

I wonder what Chick would have said to the idea that he was just renting my physical manifestation and had no control over how I felt.

Hmmm … it probably would have ended poorly for me …

My emotions are my own and you cannot buy or rent an emotion … can you?

In this enlightened and progressive modern world of work, we are continually talking about and spending energy to engage people, on the assumption that the more engaged employee is a more productive employee.

The emphasis is on the organizational efforts through their leadership and management to change the attitudes of employees.  

I volunteer when I want to do something or believe that an effort will be of value to me and others.  I do not volunteer because an organization tries to influence me to do so … at least as far as I know.

How does using the term “Volunteer” change your thinking about what we do as leaders to increase involvement with organizational goals?

Thinking about the “why” as much as the “how” in the Heartland ….