Comings and Goings …

Branson Quote - Train and Leave - Morguefile

I recently ran across this excellent advice from Sir Richard  …

Two things immediately struck me, based on my organizational experiences, as I considered this thoughtful suggestion about treating people nicely and helping them grow.


We handle poor employees, especially those with aggressive personality traits, with the proverbial kid gloves, while our more valuable employees are left to clean up after them.  

This is our fault, Leaders …when we hesitate or are afraid to confront poor workplace behavior or performance.  By failing in this basic management task, we establish behavioral norms which reinforce poor traits, while extinguishing those that reinforce excellence.


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Purple Pride …

Truman National Spirit Day October 3 2014

Even though they changed the name of my first alma mater (BSE 1971, MA `980), I still have the feeling …

Remembering an excellent public education and some fine times in K’ville, back when the school was Northeast Missouri State University.

Thinking purple today, even if I’m not wearing purple in the Heartland …. Go, Bulldogs!



Books For Sale:) …


The University of Phoenix St. Louis campus is having a Book Sale!:)


If you read, if you know a reader, if readers live in your home, or are part of your family, here’s an opportunity to give them quite a gift.

Child reading

While you are shopping, check our our degree programs in Education … a value-added profession.

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Feeling a delicious tingle every time a book is sold in the Heartland ….


Hammering Away At the Problem …

Forge“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.”

Horace Mann

I think what Mann is trying to say here is that when we are attempting to help someone else’s learning, we need to do more than just tell them what to do or show them how to do it.

The person who has a desire to learn is open and malleable … and when you are learning, those are very good characteristics.

We can motivate someone to value learning in different ways, but it usually boils down to motivation.  Theirs, not ours.

So think about what will motivate the learner, whether they are a student, a worker, or a colleague.  Ask questions.  Listen and watch.  

Hammer and Nail

Learn about those you would help.

Otherwise, things may not go so well … at least for the nail.

Trying to get it right in the Heartland ….