Quote Of The Week: Coffee Solves Everything | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Coffee in the Morning“Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”

Jerry Seinfeld




I enjoys me morning cups of coffee more than I dare admit …

Coffee has been my waking companion since my college days and is indelibly linked with countless relaxing, engaging, challenging, and exciting moments in my life.

Coffee goes with a thoughtful conversation on a lazy afternoon, a deep and maybe challenging discussion late at night, stressful times when deadlines and creative blockages loom, or when recounting and reflecting on events past, present, and future.

… and it even has some health advantages:).

At the link, an enjoyable little post about Jerry Seinfeld’s focus on coffee, along with a plethora of other interesting articles about various aspects of this delightful beverage.

Click here to read more:  Quote Of The Week: Coffee Solves Everything | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

Sipping with great pleasure in the Heartland ….


Good Morning, Heartland ….

Kaldi's Morning 1

Sometimes you just have to slow down and work at half-speed … even though it’s only Tuesday …

I will sit here with my bottomless coffee cup and a decent view of suburban America, and work at my own speed today, while I watch the rest of the world rush by.  I will not worry about deadlines or things I need to accomplish or complete.  I will do some things that matter mostly or only to me.  

I will take time to go through files and delete things no longer of value …because we all need to clean up and clean out every now and then.

I will pause to consider how things are going and make sure that the direction holds enough value to justify the energy being exerted … because energy should be worthy of aspiration.

I will catch up with people who I want and need in my life … because these connections are important.

I will engage in the things I really just like to do, like writing and creating webpages … because they make me happy.  

I will let go of the larger concerns that hang like thunderclouds over my life … because they are not going away anyway.

Remembering that, if you just let go every now and then, life can be good in the Heartland ….


How Your Smartphone Can Affect Your Well-Being – Association for Psychological Science

SmartphoneEver get real stressed because you never seem to NOT be at work?

Here’s an interesting article about what many of us have sensed.   Now we have something to back up our suspicions that technology is not always our friend:

How Your Smartphone Can Affect Your Well-Being – Association for Psychological Science.

I am glad some organizations appear to be thinking this one through more carefully.  

Now let’s make this a trend … yes, I am talking to you, Leader, Manager, Boss, Person In Charge …

If you need to justify making sure employees are not on call all the time, just use the same logic you do to justify that Friday afternoon golf game.

Turning it off and trying to relax in the Heartland ….


Smile, Darn Ya, Smile …

ShasheSmiling is a most effective communication tool …

The holiday season has provided me with ample opportunity to watch human interactions at levels from simple commercial transactions to discussions about life and death in stores, schools, hospitals, gatherings, and other places. 

Based on experience and reinforced by this recent “research”, my unscientific, yet almost universal conclusion is that when people smile, things go better.  Genuine smiling tends to create more genuine smiling, sometimes even when you resist the urge a little.

This finding has “face” validitySmile, if nothing else.

When you have a choice between smiling and frowning, choose to smile.

When you smile,

… you are conveying a message of awareness, warmth, and acceptance to others.

… you are helping yourself feel more pleasant and receptive.

… you are influencing others to respond in kind.

… you can convey a range of positive emotions at several different levels of intensity.

… you look, think, and feel better. Continue reading

“Espresso Faith” via Searching Sophia’s Pockets

Girl_thumb.jpgFrom the folks at Searching Sophia’s Pockets, who have the best pocket lint in the universe.

Here’s a nicely phrased little essay about coffee, Bibles and something else …  

So pour a steaming cup of coffee, settle back, and enjoy Espresso Faith.  

Enjoying my coffee and some reflection in the Heartland …