A Few Words About Starting and Ending …

Doing Nothing - Gratisography

Ending is as important as beginning … maybe more so. 

Personally, I have no problem starting something.  Some days, I start many things.  I can even start a new thing while still starting an older thing.  I have well-developed skills around the art of starting things  …


We engage our brains and create wonderful images of “What It Will Be Like When We Do This”.  We talk and imagine what our lives will be like when we do this thing.   We create images of how things will be, once we have done what we say we are going to do.  This is why we post pictures of really fit (and usually much younger) people on our refrigerator doors at the beginning of a diet or exercise program. Continue reading

The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

MorgueFile tabletThis morning’s inbox includes a well-written article via Fast Company, which reinforces something I have noted before about the difference between being familiar with an environment and understanding the strategic realities of that environment.

Digital natives may know how to do something easily and quickly online, but that does not mean they are doing the right thing.  

For some painfully instructive examples, just watch the flow of Facebook posts or Twitter streams from young professionals who ought to know better how to add value. 

Leaders who do not understand this will continue to wonder why they are not getting full value from the social media arena.

This all speaks to two things near and dear to my heart:

1)  The growing awareness in business that older professionals may have much to offer in a strategic sense in our current business environment.  

For example, we may not know how to create and publish a six-second Vine, but we may just understand how to influence customers positively through online interactions.

The tools and environments may change, but the ability to think strategically and create workable actions to execute that strategy tends to stay a constant.

2)  Social media is not just a toy or a way to kill time, and not work or study.  Rather, social media is becoming HOW we work and study.  

Whether you enjoy spending time in social online environments is simply not the point anymore and those who insist on treating social media like hula hoops or other short-lived fads may be very sad going into the future.

Yes, I am talking to my peers who continue to perpetuate the myths around the inability to use of social media and other technology by anyone older than a certain age.  If you look around, you will see people of all ages accomplishing impressive things, while living and working fully in today’s environments.

Read more about all this here:  The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

I will continue to sip my coffee and enjoy the shrinking awareness gap in the Heartland ….


Image:  Morguefile.com

“Why you should really take a nap this afternoon . . . ” via The Week

Napping CowboyI always thought taking a nap was a luxury for the self-employed and the kiss of death for those who work for others … unless you are a quality assurance technician in a mattress factory, as the joke goes.

Apparently the joke is on me, because taking naps has definite and positive health and mortality effects.  The evidence continues to mount that we have been caught asleep at the wheel about sleeping.  

Review the article with related links below to learn more:  

Why you should really take a nap this afternoon, according to science – The Week.

Now the real questions of the day:

When will corporate America finally admit that sleeping on the job may not be all that bad an idea?

When will companies allow and eventually insist on naps to improve employee health and productivity?

Getting comfortable and lying down for a little snooze in the Heartland ….



My 30 Seconds or So of Fame …

Television - guys cheering“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  

Andy Warhol

So I might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right?

I recently participated in a panel discussion around blogging for business with several other very accomplished folks from our area.   The show recently aired on All About Business St. Louis (AAB)    

As with any television experience, I cringe  a little when I see myself on the screen, but feel that a good amount of useful statements about blogging and business from our group “made the cut” from a much larger amount of film shot.  

My co-participants were thoughtful, articulate, and very business-oriented … the energy in the room was easily sensed and the wisdom shared from these very accomplished professionals is solid.

You can find an archived copy of Episode 51 on YouTube or on the AAB website.

Television - bored guyPlease feel free to comment, critique, argue about, or make fun of my small role. 

After all, it’s just TVSmile

Amanda and the crew at All About Business St. Louis (AAB) deserve a big round of applause.  They do at least three things really well:

1)  AAB makes the process of shooting video footage a really enjoyable and stress-free activity. 

2)  AAB folks are magicians at changing diverse content into a cohesive, informative and useful production.

3) AAB focuses on the St. Louis area and business-related topics, highlighting local people, activities, and events that otherwise might go unsung.

Check out their website … you might be surprised what you find about business life here in the Heartland.

Preparing for the autograph–seeking hordes to descend in the Heartland ….


The Price …

Price Sign“You pay a price in energy and impact when you multitask. So do it responsibly. Maybe just a little less, a little more often.”


This is today’s Great Work Provocation from those thoughtful folks at Box of Crayons.   I get these on a regular basis and remain somewhat amazed at how useful a short, focused statement can be to my personal and professional productivity … especially on a Monday when I’m in the middle of multitasking my head off.

Not a subscriber to this daily dose of good business thinking and productive direction? Get provoked here.

Stopping, focusing, and breathing easier in the Heartland ….