Leadership Heartbeats …

heart-of-L-4b-preorderMark Miller has done it again …

In his fourth book, Mark continues to chip away at my aversion to narrative leadership development by using realistic scenarios, dialogue that sounds like people actually talking, and by communicating a clear message that resonates with me.

Anyone who cares about their personal leadership ability or who is responsible for the leadership development of others, will find much of value in this little fable.

The Heart of Leadership is a slender book, but one packed with thoughtful and research-based observations about the characteristics and attitudes that make someone a superlative leader. As the subtitle suggests, the best leaders have followers who are with them voluntarily and enthusiastically.

I won’t spoil the message by listing either the five core attributes or any of the many highly quotable points made by Mark as he spins a tale of a young leader who has lost his way. You can find those gems for yourself

Somewhat channeling Mitch Albom, Miller’s hero seeks guidance from an older and wiser person, who directs him to five people who each share part of what he needs to learn about being an effective leader … a leader with heart.

“Heart” may sound rather squishy, but Mark’s concept of effective leadership is anything but … this is solid and useful leadership thinking.

Perhaps the most intriguing person in the book is the hero’s father, who we never meet directly, since he dies before the start of the book. Regardless, his influence is everywhere,in every key character, and in the message of this little gem of a leadership development tool.

Buy it, read it, reflect on it, share it, discuss it … Once you crack the cover and start reading, you cannot fail to learn and grow as a leader  … promise.

Leadership development is a crowded field and many ideas and perceptions compete for our attention … Mark Miller is one of the few who should not have to.

Enjoying the book, the author, and the attitude in the Heartland ….



Mark Miller, well known business leader, best-selling author, and communicator, is excited about sharing The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow with those who are ready to take the next step. You can find it on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere.

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A Nice Combination …

Couple and CalculatorTo really impress your lady friend, you should say:

‘How do I love thee? 

Let me count the ways.’

… Then reach for a calculator.”

Not original with me

This humorous little combination of poetry and pragmatism is maybe a perfect example of how to blend two sometimes completing behavioral preferences.

‘How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.’

This is how you speak to a person’s heart, to their emotions, to that part of all of us which desires to be praised in quaint and measured tones.

The unspoken inference here is that the professed love exists in many different forms.

“Then reach for a calculator.”

Now the realist speaks.  The emotional commitment above is about to be quantified and made real.  

The person is now saying “I can prove what I claim”.

To put this example into DiSC language, this might be the work of someone with strong leanings toward behavior which combines Conscientiousness (Quality and Accuracy ~ a C) with Supportiveness (Relationships and Caring ~ an S).

Whether the person will be an SC or a CS will depend on how they actually communicate all those waysSmile.

Here’s an overview of all four DiSC behavioral styles from Guy Harris, The Recovering Engineer

Trying to merge my soft-hearted and hard-nosed sides in the Heartland ….