5 Things We Can Learn From Ferguson’s New Leadership via RELEVANT Magazine

Interesting article which provides somewhat of a review of the week’s events in and around Ferguson, Missouri:

5 Things We Can Learn From Ferguson’s New Leadership | RELEVANT Magazine.


About Alligators and Helping …

image“It’s easier to see the swamp needs draining when the alligators are chewing on someone else’s ass …”

Value can go hand in hand with perspective.  One person is often so enmeshed in their environment, in dealing with their challenges, in just getting through each day ... Perspective comes from others … trusted others who can view your situation with respect, concern, and objectivity.  

Therein lies the value of seeking help from others, whether you call them a consultant, a coach, a mentor, or a friend.

Here’s a little assignment for the coming week … after you wash the BBQ sauce off your face and out of your clothes:

Ask someone you trust how they see what is going on with you … ask for specific perceptions around a specific situation, and not “How’m I doing, buddy?”


Listen carefully and respectfully to what they say … ask for clarification as needed, but keep your objections to yourself … 


Thank the person sincerely for their insights  … continue to keep your objections and responses to yourself …


Repeat with several other trusted sources, including some who are not “on your side” … ask for perceptions about the same focus or situation …


Review the information received and note similarities that will emerge … look for overall patterns and repeated thoughts.


Reflect on these patterns and themes by considering how well or how poorly they mesh with what you want others to see in you … do this along in quietness and calm …


Choose a path forward to change your behavior based on what your honest reflections on the perceptions of others has shown you … figure out what you will do to get from where you are to where you want to be …


Trying to keep myself away from those nasty, sharp teeth by asking for help in the Heartland ….


Inspired by “The Power of Detachment” by Cranston Holden


Just In Case …

Feeling a little overwhelmed by life this fine Monday morning?

A little perspective setting …

Not saying your personal dragons are not fearsome beasties or that the fire they breathe does not burn … but the reality is twofold:

1)  They could be bigger and more fearsome.

2) How you deal with your dragons is the issue, not how much fire they breathe.

Getting ready to do battle with my own herd of fearsome beasties in the Heartland ….


Looking For Helpers …

As we remember and memorialize those lost and those injured during the Boston Marathon, an interesting meme is bubbling around …

The origin and best statement appears to be the popular saying by Fred Rogers, summarized as “Look for the helpers”:

Such wisdom and caring is important to share and this statement has rightly spurred others to add their voices and their twist.  A good example is a post by Patton Oswalt, the comedian, who addresses those who do harm to others in a moving statement which ends with:

“The good outnumber you, and we always will.”


Another is George Takei’s moving statement on his Facebook account Monday:

“When tragedies strike, heroes rise to meet the challenge: the first responders seen sprinting toward the blast site, the runners who changed course to run to local hospitals to donate blood, and the fine citizens of Boston who at once opened their homes to marathoners in need of a place to stay. When we come together, we cannot be brought down.”


We use thoughts like this to remind ourselves and our children that, despite the evil done in the world, so much more good happens.  This is a very powerful and needed message.  My question is a simple one:

Why do we seem to wait until tragedy strikes to teach this important lesson to ourselves and others?

Looking for some positives this week in the Heartland ….


More About Remembering …

“… government-sponsored killing …”

“So many people who made it possible.  Following orders without question …”

“… ordinary men and women going with the flow.”

We need to understand what humans are capable of.”

“A shining moment for those who were brave enough to put an end to it.”

Memory shapes us … one powerful video via Rob Firchau of the Hammock Papers …   See his entire post HERE.

Remembering the victims, the survivors, those who fought to save them, and those who stood by …

Continuing to remember in the Heartland ….