Discovering Purpose …

3 Ways to Discover Meaning - Frankl -

I really like it when two people who I admire and learn from appear in the same context …

The  quotation by Viktor Frankl introduces chapter 6 of The Power of Purpose: Find Meaning, Live Longer, Better by Richard J. Leider.  The chapter goes on to explore the power of the stories we tell about ourselves and our lives, and focuses on the three ways named by Frankl as how we come to our stories.  

How we come to our stories is how we identify and claim our purpose.

Doing Something ….

Doing something in this context includes two specific elements:  Personal engagement and not keeping score, according to Leider.  We can do a thing, but if we are doing it out of a sense of duty rather an emotional desire to fill a need, the thing we do may not help us clarify our purpose.

In similar fashion, something done in order to be seen as worthy or to up our “score” socially, may actually “reduce our sense of contentment” (Leider, p. 57) , rather than increase it.

I often do things, but am doing them in order to have others think better of me … this is a subtle form of keeping score.  It’s what I do when nobody is watching that is important. Continue reading

Style …

Colley Cibber as Lord Foppington in The Relapse (1696) by John Vanbrugh -circa 1700-1725“The style of writing or speaking isn’t about what is being written or spoken.  Style goes beyond whether or not ideas are true or false and delves into how the ideas as presented are believable in the way they are presented.”

~ unknown

I don’t know who said this or how it found its way into my files, but I like the underlying thoughts.  They spur my thinking …

It’s More Than the Words …

We do sometimes tend to focus on content, on what we are saying or writing.  I know I take great pains to research the accuracy of anything I publish and to give credit where credit is due.

However, sometimes we have to think about how we say our words or write our thoughts, and how we write out what we want to convey.   Think about those we honor as great communicators … Ronald Reagan, Garrison Keillor, Will Rogers, and the like.

Communication is not making a speech … it’s telling a story.

Using language, gestures, and posture, along with the all important timing and pacing, great communicators

… And More Than the Truth or Falseness of What We Express.

At times, we spend much energy in discussing whether a particular story is true or not.  Some maintain that only factual stories should be shared, because the truth is the truth … as thought that were all to say about truth.

Of course, even when something is true, if it is also inconvenient or in opposition to our cherished beliefs or values, we are often quick to dump truth for a simple position of “Well, that’s just the way I feel about it.”

Sometimes a well-told fiction is incredibly powerful … and can do great good.

Didn’t we just yesterday evening see some television advertisements which show the power of images and words, regardless of their exact accuracy, to stir our emotions?

Not sure where all this is going.  Might be another post later this week.

Wondering how this one will be received in the Heartland ….


Speaking of communicating, here’s a link to a YouTube clip of Meryl Streep on the Ellen Show, demonstrating a little stylish communication:

Image from Wikipedia – an engraving of the English actor Colley Cibber as Lord Foppington in the Restoration comedy The Relapse (1696) by John Vanbrugh … and that’s where we get the word “Fop”.

“La Cocinera” …

The Cook

La Cocinera

by Jennie Taylor 

A little primer on how to build relationships and create mutual respect, while also eating very well – click the title above to read this sweet and insightful essay.

La Cocinera” translates from Spanish to English as “The Cook“.

Sometimes becoming friends with someone is just a matter of hanging out in their kitchen … with a great deal of respect and paying close attention.

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Enjoying the message and the medium in the Heartland ….


Down the Drain (From Sophia’s Pockets)

Down the Drain.

A little lesson about life, adolescent, creativity, and growth … the pain of learning to trust yourself is almost palpable in this sliver of memory and loss.  I can hear the water running and see the colors circling the drain.

Powerful and evocative … compliments of those folks at Sophia’s Pocketswhich are full of wonder and learning nestled among the lint.