Life Lessons in Narrative Form …



At first glance, Lilac Dreams seemed a bit self-absorbed to me and did not seem to have much of a point.  Just another life story of hard times early on, followed by success later.  The hard times are not the worse I have heard of or even experienced myself, and the successes, while commendable, are not the stuff of empires and sweeping changes.

No, this is just a story about a person who grew up at a particular time, in particular circumstances, and who persevered, learning a few things along the way.  Imagine my surprise when I slowly became engrossed in one small chapter after another, finding familiar scenes and valuable life lessons in abundance.

Three things to share that I ended up liking about Bonnie’s book:


The author is roughly the same age as I am, so the scenes of youth, especially the schoolrooms and the neighborhoods, were familiar.  I found myself “adapting” each of her well-painted vignettes to my own experiences as a naive and insecure child and adolescent, and found comfort in the thought that maybe we all are really more alike than we are different.

Nostalgia can be something we wallow in, bewailing an imagined better time, or it can be a pleasant reminder of where we come from.  I found myself pleasantly remembering past events to which I have no desire to return.


I will admit that the rich detail with which places and people are described in almost every story was not my first favorite thing about this book.  However, as I said earlier, I became drawn into the era and the lives that live through this book.  Sometimes the detail evoked memories and others times, it created images upon which to gaze.

Detail in writing can get in the way or it can inflame our ability to “see” what the author is sharing … in this case, the writing is definitely a positive attribute.


As I moved through small experience after small experience, I was struck by how relatable Bonnie’s story should be to most of us.  There is pain in some places, hope in others, and a strong sense of how the author has developed her own internal strength from what she has experienced.

After all, we all live our lives mostly in small doses, easily shard with others through a series of small stories, especially when well written.  Short accounts of the daily times of our lives often become valuable in retrospect.

So read this book patiently, move through it with an open mind, and I believe that you will find much to reflect on in your own Lilac Dreams.

Loving this book more than I imagined I would in the Heartland …


DISCLAIMER:  I received a copy of Lilac Dreams for review.  If you think this was enough to make me say nice things about it, you don’t know me very well. 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:    Bonnie C. Hathcock has over 35 years of experience in corporate America. For most of those years, she held C-suite positions at the top of Fortune 100 and 200 corporations. Bonnie began her career at Xerox Corporation, where she spent a decade learning world-class marketing concepts.

Her business and marketing acumen eventually caught the attention of a high-ranking executive from Siemens A.G., who promoted Bonnie to the position of vice president of human resources for one of the largest Siemens companies in the United States. Bonnie would eventually be promoted to vice president of Human Resources for US Airways, and senior vice president of Human Resources for Humana Inc.   … READ MORE ABOUT BONNIE ON HER WEBSITE