The Rest of the Story …

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Upon reading the above quotation, you probably thought first of stories written by others … timeless classics, childhood favorite titles, or maybe some guilty pleasure works that you enjoy, in spite of the titles or contexts.

The quotation above resonates with me because it reminds me of several things about stories:  

 The power of stories to affect our emotions …

 The healing and comforting nature of some stories …

The reality that stories begin and end …

However, we all tell stories ….

Sometimes the stories are to others. such as our children, our families, our work groups, our friends, our community or social circle.

Sometimes the stories are to ourselves, as when we create beliefs about ourselves and our abilities, which we then repeat until we think the stories are reality and fact.


Now, you might be thinking now that stories don’t end, but can go on forever. 

If we think of stories as never-ending, we might be tempted to think of those stories we tell ourselves as eternal and never-ending too.  The danger here is that we might think we can never change, because our story does not end.

I think that we might consider stories as finite things, with clear beginnings and endings that occur over time.  If so, then our stories begin and end, then new stories begin and eventually end, and this pattern repeats itself throughout our lives.

After all, we create those stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can do.   When you write the story, you control the characters, the plot, and the ending.  

What stories are you writing about yourself?

What might you change to create a more effective story?

What will you do with your life when the story ends?

Trying to figure out a new and improved ending for my current story in the Heartland ….