About Milana and Curiosity …

Curiosity and The Cat - Morguefile.com.jpgMaybe you already knew this, but the Internet can be a tremendous waste of time …

I personally know for a fact that when you click on a link, you are creating an unimaginable number of possible rabbit holes, down which you can merrily go, encountering distractions beyond measure … all just a click away.

A few seconds to check out an interesting (or appalling) link become minutes spent poring over every detail of something you may not have even known existed before you clicked that link.   Then there are all the “related” links offered for your further pleasure.

The Internet is a procrastinator’s dream  … you have the illusion of being very busy, while accomplishing absolutely nothing of lasting value, or so it seems.


Every once in a while, something happens that reminds me of the power that also resides in the Internet to inform us and expand our thinking …

If you watch commercials, you have seen Lily, an adorable young woman who toils amusingly as an ATT representative.  She is perky, funny, and very pretty … all of which spurred my curiosity.  I clicked because I had a minute or two and was curious about who this person was , based on the provocative title “What You Didn’t Know About The AT&T  Commercial Girl“.  Yes, sometimes I am just that superficial and pop cultish.


Curiosity and The Cat - Morguefile.comI now know that Milana Vayntrub is a Jewish person born in Russia. who emigrated to the US and has become an accomplished actress, comedienne, YouTube sensation, political refugee, and an outspoken activist on refugee issues.  You can click on her name to read her Wikipedia entry or go to IMDB Milana for a listing of her theatrical accomplishments.

That’s so much more to this individual than “Lily, the ATT Girl“.

Lily is light, attractive, and young, while Milana is an accomplished adult over widely differing areas of life.  

I enjoy Lily, but I empathize with what Milana has experienced in life.  

I laugh at Lily, and I admire and respect Milana.

Now I am curious about her non-profit activist group and will seek further information.  In addition, the next time I come across one of her commercials or see her in a film, I will enjoy a much greater appreciation of what she brings to a role.  


First, Curiosity is a Powerful Weapon:

 We need be mindful of the two edges of this weapon,  which can be used to waste time or expand our minds.  Choose wisely when you are online and your life may be enhanced.

Second, Every Person has a Back Story:

When we know a person beyond whatever their public persona is, we know them more fully and our perceptions of them change.  This is a basic strategy for those who battle stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.

Third, Every Person has Diverse Capacities:

None of us are one-dimensional beings, who only laugh or cry.  We all experience a range of emotions based on what happens to us during our time on this plant.  We do ourselves and others harm when we assume they only offer us what we already know of them.  Knowing another more fully helps us feel more fully.

Not a bad return from a few minutes spent surfing the Internet in the Heartland ….



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Milana Vayntrub shot:  from Wikipedia ~

By Gage Skidmore – File:Milana Vayntrub at VidCon 2012.jpg (cropped), CC BY-SA 2.5,  https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=33949930