Deceiving Self …

Over at the Lead Change Group blog today, some guy with a fictitious-sounding name is going on about how we deceive ourselves and why that is not a good idea.  Here’s a taste of what this so-called “John E. Smith” character is talking up this morning:


The Box of Self-Deception

Identify someone with a problem and you’ll be identifying someone who resists the suggestion that he has one.  That’s self-deception – the inability to see that one has a problem.”  

(The Arbinger Institute in Leadership and Self-Deception, 2nd ed., p. 17)

We are “in the box,” as the Arbinger folks say, when we engage in certain behaviors which create or reinforce our self-deception.

Of course, I’m not sure that the above is always the case. A leader who has a problem may be so self-aware, self-confident, and self-effacing that he or she simply acknowledges reality by making amendments and correcting their behavior.

However, most of us are not quite that perfect, so “the box appears to fit” in many cases, so to speak.    Continue reading here …

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Meanwhile, I will stroll blithely on, believing strongly in my own cleverness in the Heartland …