Run, Run, Run … Or Not

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But then, you already knew that, didn’t you?

We are officially past Monday now, so your workweek should be either shuffling or crashing along, depending on your work situation.   Now you can spend a few minutes considering things like speed, direction, and progress.

Yes, I am talking about considering the amount of time you are spending, the focus of your efforts, and the quality of your content.  Here are some quick diagnostic questions to ask yourself and answer honestly, thenadjust as needed based on that honest answer:


I am very busy.  You are probably very busy too.  This seems the default position for most of us these days.

Consider what comes of all your busy efforts.   In my case, if I have written an acceptable blog post, drafted a valid coaching program, designed a useful job aid or poster, made or strengthened an important connection with another human being, I feel like I am creating.

When I finish 10 quick rounds of PANDA POP, not so much.


When we talk with others in a work situation, we have two possible outcomes:

We discuss our topic and come to no agreement or design for continued progress.  This can be as obvious as everyone leaving the scene with red faces and angry emotions, or as subtle as everyone smiling, nodding, and walking out the door with no intention of changing or doing whatever they just agreed to do.

Any conversations which do not result in sincere engagement, interchange of information and ideas, and consensus on how to move forward, are just talking … might as well just discuss how the Cards are doing this week (10W-9L, 3rd in the league, lost to the Diamondbacks yesterday)


When you reflect on your overall emotional and psychological behavior, what is the general impression?

If you experience depressive symptoms like sleeplessness, non-specific anger, stress, or an ongoing lack of energy, you are sinking.  

If you are making progress and moving in a positive direction, you will feel this and your spirits will bear you upward.  This is a very good thing …

These are not comprehensive ways to learn how you are doing, but they do provide a good start on understanding which way your personal arrows are pointing.  

You are a smart person.  You can probably get the same general sense from simply asking yourself this question:

How am I doing?

The three questions I recommend simply lay things out a bit more specifically, which is handy because in reality, life is not just an answer to any one question.  

Most days, I am willing to bet you experience a series of highs and lows, with energy and intellect ebbing and flowing, somewhat based on what you experience, but mostly determined by how you perceive what you experience.

Knowing whether you are moving upward or falling downward is only a start.  You have not YET fixed anything, if you are only aware of the direction of your momentum.


Trying to get off the treadmill, but still get some exercise in the Heartland ….


Image:  By Doenertier82 at the German language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,  I think the hamster’s name is Oskar.

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