Doing and Deciding …

Doing Things - Gratisography.comKeeping it very simple this morning …

When we do something, we should best do it the right way for the right reasons.  This is both straightforward and easy to remember.

However, knowing what is right, instead of popular, easy, comfortable, or financially rewarding, is not always that simple.  Here are some general guidelines I have used over the years.  You will see glimmers of other much better-known guidelines throughout.  That is as I planned it to be …

Does what I plan to do support the general welfare or benefit a few at the expense of many?

Will others regard me more kindly or more suspiciously if I do this?

Am I committing an act of omission to avoid something unpleasant?

Would I be proud of this decision if my mother and father knew both what and why I chose?

How do I truly feel, in my heart of hearts, about my choice?

Trying hard to figure out what to do in the Heartland ….


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