Taking Risks …

Employee - Morguefile.com“Ultimately, you want your people to make smart decisions for your business without constant and total oversight. You must trust them, but they need to know how “your business thinks first, and what matters.”  

So says Stacy Feiner in Talent Mindset:  The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength.  

In this quote, Stacy is talking about cultural assimilation as part of the Strategic Talent Management continuum, her vision for how we might best manage employees for both their benefit and our own.

She makes a strong point about the need to give employees the information to insure they understand the overall mission, goals, and direction of the organization, if they are to make good decisions on behalf of that organization.

Sounds like common sense to me … which is not necessarily common behavior or practice.
This theme about trust and the related components of risk and relationship continues to absorb much of our time and energy.  

I know I personally have recently experienced several interesting discussions about both the need to create trust in our work and personal relationships and the need for open and honest communication, which is a key part of establishing trust.

So why does this continue as an issue for leaders and managers?

Why do we continue to discuss changing and not change?

I think it is about that “risk” part.

We often talk bravely about how essential it is to take a risk, that nothing good happens unless we risk, that risk is never a small thing.

However, I would also observe that I have often seen (and sometimes experienced personally) that gut-wrenching feeling of angst about the possibility of risk.

Risk, by definition, involves the real possibility of loss … loss of credibility, trust, position, authority, status, or even life.

We like to write about how brave we are and how we would act bravely in the face of danger (risk), but the reality may be that most of us are less likely to actually behave bravely than we think.  

Maybe we need to grapple with that idea first.

Wondering how brave I would really be in the Heartland ….


Image:  Morguefile.com/employees