For The Ladies …

IWD Square logoI was asked earlier today Why do women need a special day anyway?  Aren’t both men and women equally important?

Sigh …

My response is the same as the one I give in response to questions about “Black Lives Matter” and other phrases which single out specific groups within the family of Man for attention and support. 

First, to say that someone or some group matters does not automatically mean you believe that others do not matter.  Of course, men matter too.

Second, when structural or systemic bias  with regard to any group is obvious, the solution is just as obvious:  Fix the problem by focusing attention on it.

Last, we are known by what and who we care about.  I prefer to work on behalf of those who have less, rather than those who have more.  Much inequality exists for women from the far ends of the globe to right on my doorstep

IWD Pledge shotSo … for the sake of my female spouse, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, colleagues, friends, and all the males who care about them, I am taking one of the several pledges available as part of this special day.  Check them out … I’ll bet you can find at least one that speaks to you.

From the International Women’s Day website, here are some resources to help you challenge conscious and unconscious bias, whether it is your own or that of others: is a website is for students, teachers and others interested in causes and consequences of prejudice is a nonprofit organization and international collaboration between researchers interested in implicit social cognition (thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control)

Stand for Gender Equality is a call to join MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), a global network of people empowered to close gender gaps and create more inclusive workplaces

Catalyst’s Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives research series offers evidence-based advice about effective ways to partner with men in ending gender inequalities at work

Of course, my pledge is worthless if I do not continue my personal efforts tomorrow and the next day, and the next, until the goal is achieved for all women in every part of the planet … it’s a long-haul commitment.

Of course, if you do not agree that we need to support women in their quest for parity and equality, feel free to pass on by.   That is your right and your choice to make …Just do not be surprised when women achieve their goals without you.

Girl Power is not just an idle slogan.

Making sure I do my part in the Heartland ….