A Critical Difference …

Balance and Harmony

I guess we do often talk about balance and harmony as somewhat interchangeable …


One force is in equal relationship to another force.  When power is in balance, neither side can dominate the other, and therefore living in relatively peaceful connection is best. 

When our lives are in balance, we usually mean that no one part dominates, except in very temporary and acceptable terms.  Our physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and professional segments are roughly equal, so none could say we are a slave to any one part.

This is usually considered a pretty good place to be …  Balance feels peaceful and positive, which it is …


Harmony, at least in Hugo’s eyes, conveys something more than mere equivalency.  When harmony prevails in our lives, things are in active synchronization with each other.   One part feeds and nurtures another part.  You could not sing the same song without the active engagement of all aspects of your life.

Harmony implies action and sense of movement, which in turn creates a feeling of moving forward, or progress.  While Balance might be viewed easily as a static sense of self, Harmony at the very least should invoke a sense of gentle connecting with others.

Harmony also evokes a sense of connection, with the parts of ourselves and with others.  This moves beyond peaceful co-existence in several ways.  You spend your time on several fronts, but overlying threads connect the action, and not separate one activity from the other.  

You begin to connect the dots …

Balance is co-existence, while Harmony is transcendence

How much of your life is simply balanced right now?

What would you need to change to bring yourself more into Harmony?

How much effort would you need to exert to do this?

Caveat:  None of this matters if your life is not even in balance … if so, first concentrate on creating a more balanced lifestyle, then return to this question.

Wondering aloud about the perceived and real presence of balance versus harmony in my lifestyle in the Heartland ….