Out of The Office …

Lead Change Group February blog screen shot

Happy February 29th

Not sure of the significance of this additional day to our year, but it certainly gets more than its share of Facebook memes and a massive commercial celebration in every store I see, so I guess that is something.

Meanwhile, some of my thoughts about certainty and uncertainty are featured today over at the Lead Change Group blog.  In this post, I say absolutely nothing about Leap Year or February 29, but you might find my observations about how we view uncertainty interesting.

Please check out Lead Change Group for consistently interesting and useful leadership and personal development thinking … not mine so much, but everyone else is really thoughtful and articulate:)

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You can click the image above or HERE to visit their blog, but then poke around for much, much more.

By the way … “NO!“, that is not a selfie above … it is one of many unusual and interesting images available from Gratisography.com.

Trying to make good use of my extra 24 hours in the Heartland ….


Image:  Gratisography.com