No Easy Answers …

No easy Answers -

Okay, I accept this as reality …

Of course, some people will live through the question and forget to learn the answer.  

People who engage in serial relationships, constantly repeating a dysfunctional tale of connection made and connection lost …

Those who spend their lives trying to fit their round personality and talents into a relentlessly square hole.

The one who never changes their approach, because it is known and comfortable, because they fear the unknown and uncomfortable.

I could go on and on, but you probably get the point … unless you are one of those people who resist learning something new.

We all learn something from our experiences, even if it is only that we do not easily learn from our experiences.  

Of course, the universe could have taught me this bit of wisdom long ago, and saved me and some other folks a ton of trouble and pain.

Wondering about the inefficient timing of life’s learning and gaining wisdom in the Heartland ….