Seeing and Doing …

Seeing and Doing

Now, this idea is not new.  You have probably heard some version of it many times in various contexts over your lifespan.  It may qualify for the coveted “Gee, Duh” award with which only the most obvious truths are honored.

More importantly, you know at a very personal and molecular level that this is how we learn our values and our beliefs about the way things work.  It’s why spanking a child usually does not correct their behavior, but modelling apprpriate behavior will work wonders … at least sometimes.

Our demeanor means more than our lecture notes or posted rules.

Nothing earthshaking in today’s thoughts … just a clear reminder that you will probably get more of what you desire from others when you display more of what you desire in yourself.

Probably has something to do with that idea about personally creating the culture you desire, rather than simply demanding it of other … or maybe it’s just about being consistent and congruent.

Either way, it’s up to YOU, not them to initiate …

Here’s hoping you model what you expect, both of yourself and from others, today.  

Trying real hard to be a good example in the Heartland ….