A Gift For Us: BKpedia


I take books very seriously, …

When the opportunity arose to experience a trial subscription to Berrett-Koehler’s BKpedia digital subscription service, I jumped at the chance.


For a yearly subscription fee, you have digital access to a wide array of books and articles around leadership and change.  BKpedia now offers two distinct collections:  Advances in Leadership and Management plus Organizational Change and Innovation.    

These collections include many BK titles, along with content from other well-known and respected sources, such as The Center for Creative Leadership and AMACOM, with more titles and collections coming.  


Caveat:  BKpedia has much more to offer in services and features than I mention in this post.  Visit the site to get the full value impact.

The titles are easily accessible, after a small learning curve around navigating the website.  

Once you download, you can consume your chosen title at your leisure, a Godsend for those of us who believe that reading and reflecting on professional books is an essential element of our personal development plan.

Organizations will find value in providing subscriptions for their key employees as well.  This would work nicely in terms of internal coaching of people and for general management initiatives where organizational events or directions depend on familiarity with a particular concept.

Small businesses can jump-start their management development for an entire year for less than it would cost to send an employee to a management development seminar for a day or two.  

If the small business owner is willing to actively support the learning of their managers, they have a cost-effective plan to improve management effectiveness, which in turn will increase profits and cut cost, while also increasing employee effectiveness and retention.


I am partial to “real” books, that I can hold in my hand, mark up, take notes in, and lug around  wherever I go.  When I have a choice, I always choose hard-copy books.  That said, several things surprised me during my trial:

First, I found that digital versions were easier to get used to than I expected.  I am not quite ready to give up my preference for the tangible yet, but I see exciting possibilities in a virtual library.

Second, I enjoyed the easy access of digital copies of beloved titles which I already own in hard copy.  Sometimes I spend more time looking for a certain book than I do reading whatever I wanted to revisit in that book.  With BKpedia, I have both new and old content at my fingertips.


Berret-Koehler is one of the most respected publishing houses specializing in books for professional and personal growth.  As a book reviewer, community member, and customer, I find their services and products valuable, high quality, and problem-free.   

I particularly appreciate their emphasis on the areas of societal and global change beyond the normal business focus.  Berrett-Koehler supports positive, ethical, and effective change at many levels in many ways by exploring current cultural, political, and economic issues.  

BK staff and affiliated authors are approachable, responsive, and intelligent.  If you want to meaningfully engage with a real community of book-lovers, I strongly suggest you consider Berrett-Koehler.

For my personal credibility, let me offer my experience around books and such:  A life-long love of books and reading, affinity for libraries and book stores, three earned college degrees (with tons of reading), proud former member of both general and special interest book clubs, coach for personal and professional development and change, and author of a fair amount of book reviews for several different groups.

… then there’s this, taken two days ago in the world headquarters of the Strategic Learning Group:



With a trial subscription, I did not have access to all titles or to all features, but I found more than enough value in BKpedia to easily justify the cost of a yearly subscription.

If you seldom read books about leadership, management, organizational development, or change, this service is not for you.

However, if you want to supercharge your professional research and reading plan, engage with some excellent resources of people and content, and save money in the process, BKpedia is a powerful tool to do so.

Please do not take my word for all this value:  Visit BKpedia and see for yourself.

I welcome questions or comments.

Happily browsing through the virtual stacks and having quite a good time in the Heartland ….