Getting Over It …

Cruel Truth

If I ruled the world, things would be different …

If I ruled the world, this poster would be prominently displayed and regularly considered in the executive suites, offices, cubicles, corridors and inside bathroom stalls of every organization, profit and non-profit, and every meeting place for groups without a building of their own, everywhere.

If I ruled the world, this saying would be translated into every language, taught in every school, and lifted up in religious places as a piece of non-theological knowledge.

Not a home on the planet would be missing this message hung on the wall of whatever room the family or residents gathered in most often.

…. Well, I do not rule the world or even have complete domination of my own house.

Therefore, all I can do is share this clear and powerful thought with as many people as I am capable of sharing.

Well, I guess I can also try to live within the message of this message, which is that we gain little by ignoring or minimizing what lies before us.  Better to face reality and deal with it to the best of our ability.

How are YOU doing with that “Facing Reality and Dealing With It” part? …

Feeling like I have done my part in the Heartland ….




Image:  Courtesy of (excellent source of unusual photographs)