Best of the Best …

Best of LWG 2016

Yes, it’s that time of the month again …


Lead With Giants is one of the most active and valuable online communities for those interested in leadership and personal development.  Among many other activities across several major online platforms, this group provides us with a monthly compilation of some of the best leadership and personal development thinking going.

… and just like when I was a child, the big kids let me play with them:). 

Click the image above or GO HERE to read the posts for February and get to know some of these folks.


LWG visionUsing my experience over the past several years participating in the LWG group in various ways, I have determined three reasons why I can comfortably sing the praises of Lead With Giants:

Active Practitioners:

The authors are mostly folks who actively work in leadership development every day, stopping now and then to write books, speak to groups, and do other awareness-spreading activities.

Everyday Leadership:

The topics are mostly about aspects of leadership you can use now wherever you are.   While some posts focus on the 30,000 foot view of corporate leadership, the majority are about how people relate to and influence other people.  The ideas, concepts, and techniques are scalable to the personal level.

Approachable People:

While many of these folks are known internationally, are successful in their fields, and some have even written books about what they do, I have found them approachable, warm, and welcoming.   You can reach out to any of this tribe without fear or concern.

A perfect example of this is the leadership force behind Lead With Giants:  Dan V. Forbes (Click to visit Dan’s LinkedIn profile).  Dan is simply one of the good guys and a true evangelist for leadership and community.


One other way to learn more about this community is to engage in one of our weekly Tweetchats (generic – click link to learn more). 

LWG Tweetchats are fast-paced and fascinating learning and sharing events where some very thoughtful people get together online to share their experiences and perceptions around important leadership topics.

Oh, by the way … there’s one tonight:)

image not displayedHere’s the basic information:  #LeadWithGiants Tweetchat Monday, Feb 1 at 7:00pm ET Leading Innovation with host @ZacharyJeans and @WBCG_Ruth

Use the hashtag #LeadWithGiants to find the Tweetchat.

I’ll be there, on a platform also called Tweetchat (application) which greatly simplifies following and participating in the discussion.

Join us … you should find value, openness, and connection.

Getting ready to learn at the speed of the Internet in the Heartland ….