Questions, Questions, Questions …

Question Marks in BoxI am guest blogging today over at the Lead Change Groupwith some pointed questions about questions and why we use them so darn much.

Here’s an excerpt from the section on Learning Questions to give you a small taste:

When we ask a question, and then listen to the answer, consider what has been said, and then respond, we are learning.

Questions help us learn something. We often ask a question because we want to know something we do not know. Sometimes we ask a question to test our assumed knowledge. We ask questions to move the ball down the field.

“How did you do that?” clearly opens the door for the other person to share their knowledge with us.

Please feel free to pop over and look for logical lapses, typographical or grammatical errors, and just plain misjudgements and lies by clicking below:

Riddle Me This …

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Feeling pleased with myself in the Heartland ….


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