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Our choices have consequences … but you already knew that, didn’t you?

The “Straight and Narrow”, at least in my mind, usually refers to traditions like telling the truth, following the rules, living to society’s expectations, and generally being a model citizen.  You follow the law, act appropriately, and do what is expected of you.

You do not risk or engage in behavior which is not approved by society, or at least the majority of the society.

Some feel that this is not very appealing, since it at least implicitly seems to require sacrifice of more dashing behavior …

To say nothing of the sometimes rather lonesome aspects of walking your talk without much, if any, company.

We trade adventure and risk for other things … things like consistency and reliability.  We know where we stand and what we will do.

In the short term, following the “straight and narrow” sounds rather boring or even unappealing.

In the long term, it makes good sense in many ways.

Some might say “Why play it safe, if you are not going to enjoy the trip as much?“.  Well, that’s a good point, but taken to any extreme, it ends with statements like “Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse” and the like.

On the other hand, those who risk, who dare, and who do not follow society’s expectations, are the ones who often move us forward as a society.

How do you react to the pressure to stay within the “straight and narrow”?

How do you decide when to NOT play by the rules?

Which approach is generally more supportive of others?

Why do you think this matters?

Wondering if anyone will respond to this one in the Heartland ….




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