You Are A Leader …

Armor OfficerThe message was pounded into this newly-minted second lieutenant’s brain in many ways at many times a long time ago.   It has stayed with me and been of value through changes in direction, industry, role, and function.

I find this attitude remarkably effective in working with others.  

Even though I first learned these first leadership lessons a long time ago, they resonate nicely, especially given current interest in the Servant Leadership model, most popularly noted by Robert K. Greenleaf, but embraced by many esteemed authors and researchers over the years and practiced by those who who aim to be good leaders.

Servant Leadership is not a splashy, hard-driving, or personality-focused leadership model, but one of humble characteristics and a focus on others:   helping others, lifting up others, and working with others.

If your goal in life is to acquire wealth, power, and prestige, this approach may not seem helpful to you.  On the other hand, if you want to make a positive difference in the world, you might just find the idea of leading others by serving them rather useful.

Next week, you will hear my thoughts about a short book that tells a powerful story of leadership, relationships, and life.  The Serving Leader by Kenneth Jennings and John Stahl-wert is one of those narrative-style books I used to say I did not much care for.   At this point, I appreciate a well-told story that also informs me and provides value to my life … enough said.

Reflecting carefully on one of the most important things I have ever learned in the Heartland ….




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