Books …

Book Shelf - Me

I should let this quotation speak for itself … but I have some thoughts about books and reading to share with you:

Even when two people read the same words at the same time, what they experience is unique to them.

A book, once read, can never be unread.  The threads of thought that you experience stay with you.

Reading reveals the power of words and phrases and of characters and structure to inform, engage, and inspire … when you choose the right books.

Young people’s books have pictures, to help our young minds learn to dream and imagine.  As we age, we design our own illustrations and create our own worlds.

Wherever you grew up and whoever you knew, books help you learn about all those other places and people you did not know existed.

A good book requires three “R”s:   Reading, Reflection, and Rereading.  Dare I add a fourth “R” by saying “repeat as needed or desired.”?

What thoughts would you add about books and reading?

Feeling very thankful for the gift of books in my life in the Heartland ….



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