Go, Team Whoever! …


I am not a sports person …

However, I heartily approve of one sports-related practice I run into quite often these days.  I do not know the origin of this practice, but am increasingly aware of its present.

One of my daughters calls her family “Team Lange“.   A good friend’s family goes by “Team Gerdes“.   I know many other family units are known as  “Team ______“.  This is usually accompanied by an inordinate amount of “team” spirit within these little family units.

This makes me smile for several reasons.  .I like the image of a group of people united around common goals, especially when they are people about whom I care.  I have also noticed that those who use the “Team Whoever” title seems to work more effectively together as a family.  

I think “Team Whoever” reflects a common understanding that the people are part of something bigger, which provides a subtle bonding.

Here are some things I have noticed informally about  how these family teams work:

Consistent communication occurs within the team, even when that communication is difficult and challenging.

Everyone is in at least tacit agreement with the goals for the team, which are usually clearly stated and reinforced regularly.

Once a team member, always a team member … consistent acceptance and support of and by each person.

A lack of destructive conflict, even when those challenging communications are occurring.   Behavior is discussed, rather than personality.

This is good stuff.  Makes me wish we had created a “Team Smith” mentality a few years ago.   This also seems like a real good practice for any group of people who have to co-exist and carry out things together … if done well and sincerely, as opposed to the “plastic” practices that often go with organizational people development.  

Why do you suppose some groups work together more effectively, beyond a simple title?

Any experiences, good or bad, to share about being part of a “Team Whoever“?

Wishing I could go back and tweak my personal Modern Family years a tad with a simple name change in the Heartland ….


Image:  Morguefile.com