Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? …

Thumbs - MorguefileFast Company just announced their annual list of the 10 Best and Worst Leaders of 2015 …

As you might imagine, this list has some controversial selections, including one prominent presidential candidate and a slew of business folks.   Some are well-known names, while others might have many of us going “Now just who is this person again?“.   

All wield power and influence … and in that respect, I guess all are considered leaders.  


The article does not include any criteria to show how the decisions were made to include or exclude people or how they wound up on one list or the other, so this is worth some thought.

I do not doubt that the staff of Fast Company are well-equipped to make such decisions and the people who I am familiar with are accurately placed on either the Good or Bad list. 

However, I do wonder whether they just got together and contributed their individual favorites or had some type of standardization.   That might introduce some objectivity into the process.


Challenge:  Read the article HERE and respond with your thoughts, either by answering one or more of the questions below or shooting off in new directions:

Whose inclusions on the lists, good or bad, surprises you?

Who did Fast Company miss adding to the lists?

What do you think the criteria should be for being named a Best or Worst Leader?

Bonus Question:  How does that criteria change as we move from the business world to politics to science and technology … or does it?

Wondering about the usefulness of such lists, which proliferate at this time of year, in the Heartland ….


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