A Few Words to the Wise …

Forever is Composed of Nows

We forget this truth at our own peril …

At one time, I spent much of my days wishing and hoping for another day … The next day … you know, the day when everything will come together, my life will have achieved its destined perfect state, and all would be well.

Because of this coming perfect day, I remained firmly focused on that time to come, brushing aside my today’s because they were not The Day.

Well, this is an easy way to spend an entire lifetime and not even notice how much of it has gone past, while I was waiting for The Day.

Now, I realize that The Day has come and it is called Today …

Now, Today is not as perfect as I had always imagined it would be.  As a matter of record, several aspects of Today are definitely NOT perfect.

However, Today has one overwhelming positive thing going for it:  It’s NOT Yesterday or Tomorrow, neither of which is useful in the current moment.  All I get is Today.

…. until the sun rises again and I have a brand new Today, in which I get to make all matter of interesting and important choices.

My choices, of course, will make Today a perfect day … or not.

EIther way, the choices are mine to make and I have a new opportunity every single morning.

Just something to think about as we all rush to and fro frantically preparing for that perfect holiday coming at us like a psychotic freight train in the Heartland  ….


Image:  Via Me, taken at the Myseum in St. Louis, Missouri