Friday The Thirteenth …

LCG One YearEvery so often, I post my thoughts about things around leadership and personal development over on the Lead Change Group blog.

LCG is a jolly group of folks who care about effective and character-based leadership and are willing to work hard toward making positive leadership the rule, rather than the exception.  

Many are noted authors, coaches, consultants, and speakers, while others work quietly from within organizations to make change happen.

The Lead Change Group is a vibrant division of Weaving Influence.


VISION:  The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution, one leader at a time.

MISSION:  We will encourage, energize and equip one another to apply character-based leadership to leading change – in ourselves, in others, and in our communities. We want to be a resourceful, supportive community sharing and multiplying powerful leadership content.

The Lead Change Group is a powerful and collegial group of professionals who you ought to get to know.


This time, my post takes advantage of today’s date to share some thoughts about how we do things without conscious consideration.   As leaders and learners, we may not call something we do a superstition, but it fits the definition when we act without thinking carefully:  Here’s an excerpt of one that many follow:

“… Continue to support and use outdated theories about how people think, act, and feel, along with one tool, just because they made sense once upon a time and we like the familiarity.”

If this sparks your interest, click HERE or on the title in red above to read more on the LCG blog website.

While you are on the LCG website, please take some time to sample the delicious diversity of thought and knowledge shared through our daily posts and discussions and learn about the folks who contribute through various levels of engagement.

Shoot, maybe you’ll even join us and share YOUR knowledge and wisdom.  

… I’d like that:).

Feeling thankful for the presence of strong and engaging professional connections throughout my days in the Heartland ….