More On That Co-Active Business …


I know you have heard it all before about the value of Co-Active Leadership:  Five Ways to Lead  by Henry and Karen Kimsey-House… but it’s all true and worth emphasizing.

I did not choose the graphic to the left for this post because it is a nice picture of several copies of this book.  I chose it because this is how I would like you to think about using this book.

If you care about leadership development, work as either a leader or a coach, or just want to learn about a powerful way to approach interacting with others, then this book is for you.

Think of Co-Active Leadership as a force multiplier …

One or two copies for your personal, finger-tip distance, reference shelf (If you are like me and like both a clean copy right next to a dog-eared, highlighted, and highly annotated and scribbled-in version).  

Additional copies for friends and co-workers who you seek to inspire to more effective leadership, and another one or two copies just to have available to hand to someone you meet as a gift.  

Christmas IS coming soon, you know …

For more on why you should be buying all these books just to give them away, go read my latest review of Co-Active Leadership:  FIve Ways to Lead at People Development magazine.  Leave a comment, ask a question, or just say “Hi There“, while you are there.   Then take the opportunity to explore the rest of the excellent and continually growing collection of articles on leadership and personal development by folks who have both done the research and walked the ground.

I am tickled pink to be appearing virtually in such company …

BONUS:  Visit the Coach Training Institute (CTI) to learn more about the Co-Active Leadership model and a related model outlined in an earlier book by the authors entitled Co-Active Coaching:  Changing Businesses, Transforming Lives.  You will find value in both titles.

Enjoying some excellent professional learning and growth opportunities in the Heartland ….