Become #StigmaFree This Week …

NAMI StigmaFree

Now more than ever, mental illness is part of the national discussion, as decisions are made on how to move forward to address societal concerns.

However, mental illness is also an intensely personal issue which affects people, their families and friends, and our local communities.  This is not something happening to someone else far, far away. 

We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our communities to join in this conversation and to speak from a place of knowing, and not from a place of ignorance and fear.

The message this week is pretty simple:  Lead through example as you publicly commit to learn more about mental illness and how you can help.

Start or continue your process by clicking on the image above or GO HERE to begin your learning process by promising to be #Stigmafree about those who suffer from mental illness.

Join me … I signed on to educate myself so I can be part of the solution in the Heartland ….