What’s Your Piece? Guest Post by Henry Kimsey-House

Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Henry Kimsey-House, the co-author with Karen Kimsey-House of Co-Active Leadership:  Five Ways to Lead launching this week.   Henry has much wisdom to offer us around effective leadership … read on for proof:share_16

What’s Your Piece?

What’s Your Piece of this evolutionary leap we are in the middle of right now? Without you, there is a hole in the fabric of all life.

What seems like an eon ago, Karen and I hosting a leadership and coaching summit in Florida and we handed out puzzle pieces to all 450 or so people and had them all work together to create a huge jigsaw puzzle that became the backdrop for the whole Summit.

Then, at the end of the Summit, we handed out a second piece from a duplicate puzzle and had each and every one of the participants look into their lives and into their worlds and look deeply at that promise, that declaration, that dedication that they are to this unfolding story of transformation and evolution that is the Human Journey.

Between the building of the puzzle and the creating of the personal declarations, we journeyed through a story that began in the recognition of who we are as human beings and what have we created both in ourselves and in our world. We examined the shadow and the light, the good and the bad, the life affirming and life destroying behaviors that have gotten us to this step, or this leap, of the evolutionary journey that we are all on. Then, we began to move up the path and notice who we were walking with and how were we making the journey.

We started to become conscious that we were indeed on a journey, we were running down the diving board and getting ready to leap, dive, and fly into the chaotic swirl of mystery that is the Unknown. As we prepared for that leap, we realized that we needed to open up our consciousness to a larger responsibility for life. We looked into ourselves and each other to determine what we could see of that mystery.  We formed declarations and intentions for ourselves and did our best to create a collective promise as well. We began to see that we can’t just focus on our own individual survival and fulfillment, and saw that we need to also be able to open up and connect to the greater collective of humanity and indeed all of life and find a shared declaration as well.

As I stood on the stage or in the back of rooms, roamed the beach and the hallways, sat in planning meetings, ran microphones, shared meals, and engaged in many brilliant conversations, I was flying. I was soaring in and out of the mystery and yet my feet were solidly on Mother Earth. I was aware that a transformation was occurring in me as I nibbled on my lettuce and chatted with the person across the table from me.

I was conscious of growing my capacity to hold a larger and more complex picture or map of what was occurring around me and within me. I was solid, earth-like, and protective as the bear, I was soaring, air-like, and expansive as the eagle, and I had a little turtle in my pocket to remind me all about taking it slow, letting it in and being patient with the way things were unfolding.

So here I am, arriving along with everyone else at the place where we all make our declarations and promises. Where we each name our Piece of this great puzzle of life’s evolution.

So, what’s my piece?

My piece is to live my life on purpose.

My purpose is:

I am spirit awakened.
I fill the universe with limitless light, wondrous love, and enthusiastic life.
I am the way of peace and the cosmic belly laugh of joy and creation.
I wake up humanity to its aliveness and creativity.
I point and protect the evolution of human consciousness.

Discovering your piece is one of the first steps to becoming a better leader and a more impactful human being. When we engage with our core purpose, recognizing the significance of our “puzzle piece,” we enrich all of humanity.

Tell me: What’s your piece and how did you discover it?


Re-worked from original posts on Henry’s blog https://henrykh.wordpress.com/

promo_02Henry Kimsey-House is the co-author of Co-Active Leadership and Co-Active Coaching. He is the co-founder of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) where he currently serves as Lead Designer. Learn more about Henry’s work at http://www.thecoaches.com or connect with him on Twitter @henrykh