Adjusting …

No Measure - Kristnamurti

The message here seems painfully clear …

We work hard, most of us anyway, to “fit in” … to our school, our family, our work, our community, and our society.  Sometimes this seems simple … we know of no other way to be.  

However, as we gain experience in life and build our awareness of other ways to be, options to consider, and just how diverse work and life are, we start to wonder if we are doing what we could be, what we should be, and what we need to be … or are we just following along in footsteps left by others?

Traditions and history are important, there is no doubt of that.  Wanting to be like another is how most of us choose our paths … we call it modelling, motivation, ambition, and a whole slew of other things.  

We are encouraged to “fit in” by considering what our society expects of us, which results in some familiar lists of Things That Make Us Successful.

Sometimes our list is painfully self-serving and includes things like making lots of money, owning a large house, living in the “right” areas, and so on.  

Sometimes our list is clearly designed to elevate us to martyrdom, sainthood, or both:  Make the world a better place, end homelessness, cure some disease, and the like.

I believe that we should pause now and then in our head-long pursuit of whatever, to consider several questions:

What does “being well-adjusted” mean to you?  Who and what has contributed to this perception?

What do you spend your time, energy, and talent doing?  How hard do you work now to be “well-adjusted”?

How closely does that fit with what your heart calls you to be doing?

What now?

The nice thing about these questions is that the “right” answers are not in our societies values or challenges or even how you have learned to measure success, but rather exist only in your own mind and heart.  

The only “wrong” answer here is when you say “I choose not to think about what I do or why I do it.

Accomplishing my own due diligence with regard to what and how I live in the Heartland ….