The Dying Truth …

Joy and Sorrow

Just a quick reminder as your workweek gets started …

Life is composed of many little moments, some of which will make your heart sing, some which will make your heart cry, and some which will leave you puzzled or confused … the reality is that your choices about how you view each of these moments will decide how you react.

Some folks will say “How else should I react?” or “I don’t choose ‘unhappy’ or ‘mad’ ”, which infers that emotional reactions are predestined and beyond our control.  This is a normal belief, one that I have used time and again.  However, in reality, our beliefs and values intersect to give us options on how we view life’s struggles and opportunities. 

 A few quick examples of the levels at which we make these decisions, greatly simplified and generalized by offering mythical either-or options:   

… When you step on that chewed-up gum, spilled liquid, or oil stain, how much time do you spend ranting and raving about the unfairness of it all versus the time you spend cleaning up and moving on …   

… When work goes differently and less smoothly than you are expecting, how much energy do you use looking for something or someone to blame versus    

… When something or someone you care about leaves your life, are you sad they are gone or happy they were there?

At this point, we should consider some truths about life, relationships, work, and all that stuff:

Our lives are more “Some of This, Some of That” than “This or That”.

We spend our lives sliding back and forth along continuums of possible reactions and attitudes.

We are not anchored inflexibly to spots on that scale.

We have more control over where we are, than the event we are experiencing.

We know all this deep in our minds and in our hearts.

No great “kicker” at the end … just a reminder to reflect and choose, not react and regret. Let me leave you with this thought:

“People make dozens, even hundreds, of decision every day to do or not do certain things.  THe choice we make during the day, no matter how trivial they may seem, contribute to creating a life that is more (or less) fulfilling.”

~ Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandahl, and Laura Whitworth in Co-Active Coaching:  Changing Business, Transforming Lives, 3rd Edition, page 8)

Seems a good enough incentive to me:)

Considering all my options very carefully in the Heartland ….