Why Ask “Why”? …

Why is a dangerous question

Well, the first response to the title might be “Why Not?”, but we need to go deeper.  I think many of us are searching these days, although not for the same reasons or with the same goals …

We are not at the beginning of our careers, relationships, or life, but somewhere in the middle of all this.  We have accomplished things, experienced life, created memories, and learned a bit about ourselves and how we are. 

Now we wonder, for a variety of reasons and with consideration of our individual backgrounds, history, experiences, attitudes, beliefs, and so on … 


We are at a point where some things no longer work for us, or some roads do not hold the same thrill.  Our lives have led us in certain directions, down some paths and away from others.  We are feeling at least a vague sensation of a need to do something, experience something, be something.


When we start to ask the “Why” questions, we begin to move toward what Leider and Webber identify as “Repacking” – deciding what to let and what to hold on to, as we prepare for our next direction.  

Of course the process of discernment outlined in their book (see below for link) is more than just deciding .. steps come before and after this point, but this morning, I was struck by the importance of asking “why” when we reflect on what we have done and are doing.   

I will be posting more on all this over the next few weeks, including a review of the steps that really should come before asking the “why” questions.  However, some of you may be ready now to reflect on this one “Why” question:


Notice that this question assumes you do want to change something.  If that assumption is false, just roll on by and continue on your journey.  However, if you are willing or feel an urge to consider this question, do the following:

Find a quiet place and space where you will not be interrupted.  Control this environment to insure that you will be able to think without distractions.

Make yourself comfortable enough to be at ease, without being so comfortable you fall asleep.

Put this question in your mind  – either by writing it down on a piece of paper or an easel pad, or simply have it on your computer screen.

Let your thoughts take you wherever they lead you.  Do not try to force them.

Write down, note, or otherwise retain whatever issues, thoughts, or ideas come to you.  For some, this is best done as the thoughts arise, while others will summarize at the end.

Time spent doing this is up to you – possibly more than one time.

.. and that’s all you need to do now.  

OK, you’re off.  More later …

Taking my own advice and reflecting seriously on what this is all about in the Heartland ….


Inspiration:  Life Reimagined by Richard J. Leider and Alan M. Webber

Image:  Gratisography.com