Doing What We Do …

Doing What We've Always Done

Actually, NO …

This familiar quotation is right in many ways, but it does not go far enough.  

Consider all the manufacturers who thought they could continue to crank out LCD watches, rotary dial phones, or VCRs.  Even though they continued to do what they had always done, their competitive environment did not stay the same.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will eventually end up getting quite a bit less than you used to.   Eventually you will get nothing …  

Our world and our environments are not static.  If you continue to do what you have always done, you will eventually be buried by change.   At current rates of invention, adoption and innovation, you will not have long to wait before whatever you are doing is superfluous or irrelevant.

What are you doing based on the belief that you will always get the same results?

To borrow a therapeutic phrase from Bob Newhart … “Stop It!

Now consider how you will change and morph to meet and actually take advantage of ongoing business trends … even the ones you do not know about yet.  

Trying very hard not to keep doing things that I should not be doing anymore OR in the first place in the Heartland ….