I’m OK … How About You?

OK - Morguefile.comThis is about you and I both being OK …

I am guest-posting today over on the Lead Change Group blog.  The LCG group is a strong collective of intrepid, articulate, and caring leadership and personal development experts.  

The contributors to the LCG blog series regularly offer thoughtful and engaging content around topics and issues about leadership and human behavior.

… Then every once in a while, they have to fill in with something from me:)  Here’s a link to my latest contribution if you want to check it out:  “Stuck In The MIddle With Me”

My post is about judging others more objectively, and not by “the imagined ‘I’” , our personal and somewhat mythical belief about who we are, our self-identity.  I make the point that we tend to look at other through a lens with a default “normal” setting being drawn from our unique self-view as the model and standard for all other’s behaviors and beliefs.  

Our personal and arbitrary standards are why some people see other people eating something prepared in a certain way and go “Ewwwww“, just because that food or that preparation was not part of their learning.  Think fried insects or squirrel meat as an entrée, Yankees …

It’s all about looking at others objectively and even accepting the differences, not have them become dividers and differentiators.

Candy - Morguefile.comAs someone has no doubt said, “It would be a very dull world if all candy were the same color.”🙂     Yes, they would all taste the same, because they are all sugary inside, but  … hey, wait a minute.  That’s like people … different on the outside, but physically the same inside.

Please take a few minutes to read my post and those of others who are trying build momentum around the idea of Character-Based Leadership.  If you are really interested, read the book, which will introduce you more fully to many of the folks who regularly contribute to this nifty band of collaborators.

Experiencing a strange early morning craving for candy in the Heartland ….