“I Hope You Dance …”

When You Dance - Dyer and Morguefile

Here is a gentle midweek reminder that life is not always about reaching the destination, but often more about traveling the path.  

As Dyer reminds us, mindfulness is not a new concept or some “pop” psychology fad.  The idea and the value of being in the moment has been around a while, folks … we just have not always labeled it as such.  

Dancing is a very useful metaphor for life and for mindfulness, which is probably why it occurs with such regularity in our songs, our poems, and our words. However, this ain’t about “Dancing With The Stars” … it’s your dance, not someone else’s.

So take a few minutes to reflect on YOUR dance, the one you are dancing today … and savor the moments and the movement … enjoy each step as a discreet action. Dance your own dance, without self-rating the quality or gracefulness of your movement, or worrying about how others might see you.  

… Just dance, slowly or quickly, however you want, by yourself or with a partner.

Twirling slowly and sort of gracefully around the room all by myself and loving every minute of it in the Heartland ….


BACKGROUND NOTES:  I first heard of Wayne Dyer while completing a master’s in counseling back in the late 1970’s … which I suppose dates me a tab.  Dyer’s first book Your Erroneous Zones was a best seller in the areas of motivation and human behavior.  It was also one of the first books to use clear language to make complex human behavior more accessible.  

Dyer has contributed much to our understanding of how we people act and interact, providing guidance on how to live more effectively.   I relied heavily on his work while counseling and still find much of value in his words and ideas as I move into coaching relationships.  The man understands people …

Image:  Morguefile.com